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Overcome by the casualties on the news from several of the last major earthquakes and moved by how we as a society could go to the moon but could prevent such devastation, Lynn Jadamec, artist at Lyons Weir Gallery, approached me to come up with a project that would join art and science to communicate plate boundaries to the general public. We then defined the "Living with Plate Boundaries" project, where Lynn and I travel to plate boundary zones and Lynn paints the geomorphic expressions of the plate boundaries and the local culture, and I construct 3D static models of the local tectonic plate configuration and a description of the tectonic hazards. I have given several invited talks on this project, including one at the Geodynamics of the Australian Plate conference, and we have included artwork and geophysical characterizations in an art show at the Monash Science Center. We have visited and produced paintings and geophysical summaries of the San Andreas transform boundary and the Costa Rica subduction zone. This is an ongoing project with long-term goals to produce an illustrative book, and a traveling art exhibition and lecture series to universities as well as to local communities worldwide living on plate boundaries.