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Location of TSM Files on Macs

Logs, use to check whether backups are being done

There is no easy way for someone not logged onto your system to determine whether your computer was backed up recently. The user should check the logs on a regular basis to see if modified files are being picked up. Incremental backups should be done every day in the early morning.

  • Located in /Library/Logs/tivoli/tsm
  • You can look at the logs using a text editor or from a terminal window using
    more dcmsched.log
    tail -n 25 dcmsched.log
  • dsmsched.log holds the record of the files backed up during the last few days
  • dsmerror.log holds the record of files that could not be backed due to errors

If there appears to be problems with the backup on your system, email


  • Located in /Applications/Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Tivoli Storage Manager
  • allows you to select the directories and files that you want to be backed up
    • To see the included directories/files for backup, go to Actions, Backup and click on the box in front of local.
    • To change the selections, go to Edit, Client Preferences, Include-Exclude
      • Exclude.dir overrides all other selections.
      • The selections then start from the bottom of the list of include/excludes, putting into action the first statement that applies to the directory/file.
      • If no statement is found for the directory/file the directory/file is included in the backup.
      • Be sure to include statements for auxilary disks.
      • Hit the Apply and then the OK buttons at the bottom of the screen to save the changes. Exit out of the program.
      • Check your changes by restarting the Tivoli Storage Manager and checking Actions, Backup.
      • Stop and restart the dsm daemon after making your final changes. See the section below.
  • TSM Tools for Administrators
    • When opened with a double click, an icon of a robot on a square appears bounding on your dock. Double click on the icon to open a program choice window.
      • Choice one is the same as the Tivoli Storage Manager above.
      • Choice two and three start and stop the daemon for tsm which waits for a connecion to the server in CCV. Make sure that the daemon is running if you wished to get backed up.
      • To check it the tsm daemon is running, type
        ps -aux | grep dsmcad
        in a terminal window.
      • Terminal is found in the Utilities section on a Mac. The output should be include
        root ... /usr/bin/dsmcad