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Tranferring Programs to a unix cluster

Via sftp

Programs, scripts and data may be transferred to/from the cluster via sftp. sftp is a standard program on unix and Mac OS X systems. A Mac OS X system is unix system. If you are using a Windows computer as your computer of orgin, you will need to add Putty sftp( to your computer.

A typical sftp session from unix to unix:

open a terminal windowTerminal and X11 are in the Utility folder
cd origdir
sftp youraccount@computer
passwd: yourpasswd
sftp> cd destdir
sftp> put files

where origdir is the directory on your local computer where the files reside and destdir is the directory where you want the files to reside on the computer cluster.

The computer name may have to be exanded to the full network name depending upon how your desktop is set up. The cluster names are

ted.hetchem.brown.edufor Chemistry/HET
micah.geo.brown.edufor Geological Sciences

If you are wishing to transfer from the cluster to your desktop, use get instead of put in the above directions.

Via bigdisk1

bigdisk1 is one of the RAID systems which exists on the Geological Sciences cluster. It is also mounted on the RedHat and SUNS systems used by the research groups of Profs. Parmentier, Fischer, Forsyth and Liang.

Therefore, files created or moved to bigdisk1 are shared by all the computers within the above mentioned research groups.

As an account is created for you on the Geological Sciences cluster, a directory owned by your account is also created on bigdisk1

Margaret Doll 7-2009