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Q Commands

qacct Extract account info from the cluster
qalter Alter the attributes of pending jobs
qconf SGE (Sun Grid Engine) cluster configuration
qdel-all Job deletion kills the job and all the related
child processes on the compute nodes.
qhold Hold a job
qhost Hosts status - CPUs, load, memory use
-F queue resources settings
-j list of jobs on each host
-u usernamelist of resources used by a certain user
-q resources used by queues
qmod Enable or suspend queues
qmon X-Windows motif for job and queue maintenance
qselectList queues matching a selection criteria
qstat Listing of jobs and queues
-ffull distribution in the queues
-f -ne full listing of queue that have running jobs
-f | grep queuenamefull distribution in a particular queue
-j jobidstatus and messages for the running job
-u accountnamejobs submitted by a certain account
-r -xmlcheck the requestd resource requirements
-Fcheck the availability on various nodes
-g c summary of resource use on the system
-g t listing of the processors you are using
SLAVE and MASTER designations
qsub Submit jobs to SGESun Grid Engine