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Submitting Queue Jobs

Use of queues is restricted by the user's account name.

Submitting parallel or non-parallel jobs

qsub -pe queue-name n ./shell

The queue names depend upon the department and computer you will be using and the group in which you belong.

GroupComputerQueueNo of slots
Gen Chemistrytedchemistry16
Doll's Research teddoll64
HET Physicstedhet32
Geo Researchmicahlong64
Stratt's Researchtedstratt 64

The Geological Sciences group includes researchers for Profs. Fischer, Parmentier, Forsyth and Liang.

"-pe" means you are submitting your job to a parallel environment where you may be using more than one processor or queue slot. Substitute the n with the number of processors that your job will need to run. n has to be at least "1."

It is important that you correctly indicate the number of processors that you will need so that a compute node will not have to swap jobs on a compute node or that the compute node will become completely bogged down.

"./shell indicates that the shell for the run is located in the current directory, the directory from which I am submitting the job. This name will vary with the name of your shell and its location.

Shell Script Explanation

Monitoring your queued job(s)

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