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Interactive Jobs on the Clusters

Do not run an interactive job on the head node These jobs interfer with the messaging between queued jobs. Interactive jobs on the head node will be killed.

Instead, qlogin to a compute node using

qlogin -pe queue-name n

where -pe indicates a parallel environment where you can use several processors to run your job, queue-name will depend upon the group you are in and on which computer you are running your job and n is the number of processors that you will be using. n has to be at least "1."

The queues to which you may submit interactive jobs include:

GroupComputerQueueNo of slots
Interactive Jobs for Geomicahshort8
Gen Chemistrytedchemistry56
Doll's Research teddoll8
HET Physicstedhet32
HET Physicstedhet-big24
Stratt's Researchtedstratt 64

The Geological Sciences group includes researchers for Profs. Fischer, Parmentier, Forsyth and Liang.

Using Graphics on the Compute Node

If you wish to run a graphics program on the cluster, use

  • X11 on a Mac, logging onto the cluster using "ssh -X accountname@computer" where computer is for the Chemistry and HET group in Physics or for Geological Sciences. X11 is an optional installation for a Mac. X11 will be installed in the Utilities folder.

  • Use a graphics program such as eXceed or Cygwin on Windows. eXceed is available on http//, but it is difficult to set up. Cygwin is freeware.

Margaret Doll 9-2007