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NFS Mounting on SnowLeopard

NFS mounting on a Leopard system is done through the Directory Utility.

On the snowleopard system, use the Disk Utility. Under the the File heading, use NFS Mounts.

I found I could only get unix partition such as mounted if I used the additional option of "nodev nosuid nolocks locallocks."

After the directory is created on the system, using the Disk Utility. You will have to mount the directory for the first time. An example follows:

mount /Volumes/bigdisk1

For a user to access the mounted disk, they will have to use Apple(command)+Shift+g. A window will appear with the possible partition mountings on Volume. The user picks one and it will appear in the a new finder window.

Exporting /User to another unix system

  1. Edit /etc/exports and add the following line:

    /Users -maproot=nobody

  2. sudo nfsd enable

  3. showmount -e

  4. to see if the mount has been exported

Margaret Doll 5/9/2011