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Adding Printers on Mac OS X - 10.4

View the list of print queue for the Chemistry Department or the Geological Sciences Department to see which print queues are available for use, the type of printers and the driver to use.

On your Mac go to the blue apple on the menu bar and open System Preferences. Click on the Print & Fax icon.

On the next screen, click on the "+" under the field where the defined printers will be listed.

Fill in the next screen, changing the Address to if you are in Geological Sciences, Queue to the printer that you want to add. Change the line after Name: to anything that will identify the printer for your use.

The list of print queues

Scroll down the slot starting with Print using: Generic PostScript Printer. In the particular case of the gc-hp257ps queue, you will scroll down to HP and the HP LaserJet 4250. You can also just type in the type of printer.

Click on Add.

The next window will be the Installable Options window. In the case of gc-hp257 there are only two trays, but there is a duplexing unit. The Options window should be modified to look like:

Then hit Continue.

The new printer will appear in the list of printers in the Print & Fax window.

Prepared by M. Doll / July 23, 2007