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Screen Sharing for Mac OS 10.5

In the instructions below, the local computer is the one on your desktop. The host computer is the one that you will be logging into and whose desktop you want to appear on your local computer. In the example below, is the host computer.

On the Host Computer

You must have an account on the host computer. The host computer must be setup for screen sharing and your account must be enable for the sharing.

On the host computer go to Apple -> System Preferences -> Sharing. Enable Screen Sharing and select the accounts that for which you want screen sharing enabled.

On your Local Computer

Next drag the screen sharing apps to the dock on your local host. Go to /System/Library/CoreServices and drag the Screen to your dock.

Double click on the Screen on your dock. A connection window will appear asking for the host computer's name.

Fill it in the with host computer's full name; ie. in our example and then click on Connect.

A login screen will then appear. Put in your account name on the host computer and your password. Then click on Connect.

The login screen for the host computer will then fill your local desktop screen. Log into the remote host as if it were sitting directly in front of you. The session will appear as if you are directly connected to the host computer.

When you are finished with your session, log out of the remote host and then quit the Screen Sharing application.

July 2008. Margaret Doll