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Installing GaussView on Windows

I have not had a chance to experiment with GaussViewW. Please send me feedback with any problems that you have with the program.

GaussViewW at Brown University can only be installed on Brown-owned computers running Windows XP or Vista. Other physical specifications are listed on the Gaussian web site.

The version of GaussViewW licensed at Brown allows the user to do computer visualization of molecules and to set up the parameters for calculations. Our version on Windows is not capable of completing the calculations. The .com files must be transferred to a linux computer on which Gaussian has been installed. In the Chemistry Department, our cluster, ted, has Gaussian.

Email Margaret Doll for the cds to install GaussViewW on a Brown-owned computer. Margaret Doll is also the contact in Chemistry for getting an account on ted.

The user of GaussViewW or Gaussian agree to acknowledge the use of the software in any papers resulting from work with the software. View the Citation Requirements.

There are two cds that you will use for the installation of GaussViewW on Windows; ie. Gaussian 03W Utilities and GaussView W. Gaussian 03W Utilities must be installed first.

The installation on Windows is simple.

Illustrations of each step follows.

  • Gaussian 03W Utilities
    1. Insert the Gaussian 03Q Utilities. The installation program should start up automatically.
    2. Fill in the serial number which should be on the cd holder. If the number is missing, contact Margaret Doll.
    3. I choose to put the program in the Program Files folder so that the program is available for everyone. To do this I created the directory c:\Program Files\G03\G03W. I will install both G03 Utilities and GaussViewW in this directory. It is important that you install Gaussian Utilities and GaussViewW in the same directory.
    4. Your choice of folders will appear on the next window. The next picture needs to be redone.
    5. The license will be accepted or not accepted.
    6. You will asked to create a scratch space for the program. The default scratch space is within the g03 folder.
    7. Finished.
  • GaussViewW
    1. Insert the GaussView for Windows in your computer. The installation program should start up automatically.
    2. Copyright Notice
    3. The serial number for the software should be on the cd holder. If not, please contact Margaret Doll.
    4. Notification that the serial number has been accepted.
    5. I used the Browse button to find where I want to install GaussViewW.
    6. Again I choose the c:\Program Files. The picture included here needs to be redone.
    7. Confirmation that the program will be put into \Program Files\G03\G03W. The picture here needs to be redone.
    8. You will asked where you want icons for the program to be placed.
    9. Choose the extensions that you want for each type of file. The next two pictures are not accurate.
    10. You will see the computer extracting the files.
    11. Finished.
    Please return the GaussViewW cds to Margaret Doll, GeoChem 166.

    Margaret Doll 6-15-2008