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XCDROAST on linux

  • Create a disk image
  • mkisofs -R -o diskimagename.iso DirectoryorListofFiles

  • Use XCDROAST to record the image

    • Type "xcdroast &" in a terminal window. It may take a little while to bring up the xcdroast window.
    • Click on the "Setup" button.
      • Device-Scan will indicate whether the system has found a writeable cd unit.
      • Use "HD Settings" to tell the program where your image files are located.
    • "Save configuration" or hit "OK" or "CANCEL" to go back to the main menu.
    • Click on the "Create CD" button. It will take a little time to bring up the "Create CD" window.
      • Click on "Write Tracks" button on the lefthand side of the window and then on "Layout tracks" tab in the middle of the window. If your configuration for the "HD Settings" is correct, you will see the .iso file you created earlier in the "Images" window on the righthand side of the screeen.
      • Select the image you want to record and click on "Add" at the bottom of the column. The image will be added to the Images table on the lefthand side of the screen. Click on the "Write tracks" tab toward the middle of the screen.
      • If you want to write a title on the cd, click on "Edit titles" which appears in a small box in the lower righthand side of the screen. Add your title information and then click on "OK"
      • Click on "Write tracks" at the botton of the lefthand side of the screen.
      • The program will ask you to insert a CD into the CD-Writer. Do so. Click on "OK." You will be able to watch the progress of the writing of the cd. The cd will be ejected when the burn is complete. Click on the "OK" on the window tracking the progress of the burn.
      • Click "Back to main menu" which is along the lefthand side of the XCDROAST window.
      • Click on "Exit" to quit the program.

I have used this program on a Redhat 9 system to create boot disks for RedHat Linux, photo cds for MacIntosh, and boot disks for SGI.

There are numerous options available for mkisofs. Read more about them by issuing "man mkisofs" at the terminal prompt.

Margaret Doll - 6/16/004