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Changing Your Password on Unix Computers

Your printserver, either chemps for the Chemistry Department or geops for the Geological Sciences Department are runing RedHat linux; they are unix computers. Passwords and account names on unix servers are case sensitive.

Passwords on all computers should be at least seven to eight characters long. The passwd should not contain a word found in a dictionary or a proper name. It must be a mixture of alphabetic and non-alphabetic characters and a mixture of upper and lower case. For instance "happy3" is not an acceptable password. "eCi(4nm" is a good passwd.

From Windows, Mac OS, or unix, ssh into the unix computer. How to make ssh connections.

To change the password that you use when you "ssh" into the system, type passwd at the system prompt. You will be prompted for "New UNIX password:" and then prompted again to retype your password.

If you changing your password on the printerserver, you will also want to change your samba password. Type smbpasswd. You will be prompted for your "New SMB password:" and prompted to retype your new samba password.

Connections through the Windows Network Neighborhood are automatic if your Windows account password matches your samba password on the printerserver.

Last update 10-26-2007 - Margaret Doll