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This web site shows some of the research/academic activities and interests of Terry Tullis and his students and research associates. At each level, hyperlinks to pages at lower levels are shown in the list of links in the left column. Hyperlinks to other pages at the same level are shown in buttons at the top of each page. There are also cross-reference highlighted hyperlinks throughout the text. Additional materials can be found in the description of research in the areas of Structural Geology and Geophysics. Most photos below are hyperlinks to related topics.

Terry in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where he goes to relax now and then.

Frame from a video of my
Parkfield Earthquake Model


Former Graduate Student Bill Power posing by one of the fault surfaces he measured the roughness of, Dixie Valley, Nevada.

Terry posing by the lower end of his rotary
shear rock deformation apparatus

Dramatic reduction in friction from typical values of ~0.7 after large slip at high, but sub-seismic slip velocities

Two samples of feldspar gouge, 1 mm thick. The top one was sheared to 18 mm, the bottom one to 60 mm. The distributed shear strain accounts for about 9 mm of the slip. The remaining slip occurs on localized boundary-parallel surfaces near the bottom boundary.

Terry looking down the business
end of his high pressure vessel