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Rock Deformation
Labs and Instuments

Our research on rock friction and earthquake mechanics at Brown depends on having a variety of laboratory facilities and computers, as well as offices for student work.

The most important of the laboratory equipment is a unique rotary shear rock deformation apparatus designed and built at Brown. Details of this can be found by clicking on the top link to the left.

Computers are a critical element in any modern science enterprise, and this is particularly true in the case of our research, since the rotary shear machine is operated through a computer for control and data acquisition, and because high-powered computers, such a t the IBM SP supercomputer at Brown, are required for sophisticated earthquake modeling. The second link to the left discusses the variety of computers used by our group.

In addition to the rotary shear apparatus there are a variety of supporting laboratory facilities such as a thin section lab, an electron microprobe, electron microscopes, etc. that are also briefly described in the third link.

Graduate student productivity and satisfaction are increased by the availability of high quality office space and these can be seen by following the fourth link.