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A variety of equipment and analytical equipment is available in our lab, in the Geological Sciences Department, and in various other facilities at Brown. In our lab we have a good collection of standard tools and measuring equipment, digital voltmeters, a digital oscilloscope, a drill press with many diamond core drills for coring samples including our ring-shaped rotary-shear samples, a small diamond saw for precision sample cutting, a drill press for general purpose use, a small lathe, and several microscopes. .

The Department has a well-equipped sample preparation lab including several diamond rock saws, polishing equipment, and thin section equipment including a state-of-the-art Logitech thin section preparation machine. We also have a well-equipped machine shop in our building that we share with the Chemistry Department; part of that shop includes a student shop where we can do machining ourselves if we wish. The department has an experienced machinist, Dan MuGuirl, and an experienced thin section technician, Bill Collins, both of whom do a lot of work for our lab group. The department houses an electron microprobe and has a microprobe technician, Dr. Joe Devine, who is available to assist in its use.

The teaching and seminar space in the Department is outstanding, with many well-equipped rooms conveniently at hand. This includes many labs and lecture rooms equipped with state-of the-art audio-visual equipment such as computer and video projection in the new MacMillan Hall that is attached to the GeoChem building.

Brown has a variety of analytical facilities that we use including SEMs (Scanning Electron Microscopes) in both the Biomed and Engineering Divisions and TEMs (Transmission Electron Microscopes) in the Engineering Division. The Engineering Division also has an extremely well-equipped Central Mechanical Testing Facility as part of its Materials Research Laboratory and we can use its equipment without charge. We consult with its head, Chris Bull, on a regular basis.