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Prediction FY98
Friction FY98
Friction FY99
Friction FY00

The links at the left go to Annual Reports we have written for our more recent and current USGS grants.  Reports by other scientists supported by the USGS NEHRP (National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program) External Research Program can be seen on the USGS External Research Program web site.

We had a one year USGS grant that investigated a controversial proposed earthquake prediction method, and the results of that are summarized in the first link to the left.

Our ongoing studies of rock friction are supported by grants from the NSF and the USGS. The USGS parts of that work are summarized in the other links to the left. The topics in the Fiscal Year 1998 (FY98) include studies of fault permeability and our first report on friction at high slip velocity. The topics in FY99 include our results on the velocity dependence of granite gouge at very large displacements and a continuation of our study of friction at high slip velocity. The FY00 report is focused on more recent results on friction at high slip velocity.