GE 24 Introduction to Earth System History

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Feb 7 2006
I thought it could be helpful for you to look at some "professional" critical reviews of scientific papers as you think about your first writing assignment. Another way to think about a "critical review" is to think of it as a perspective paper: What did the authors do, why did they do it, why do think it is important, and what could be done next?
Below are three examples of critical reviews. You can access the original papers (if you wish) from the journals Science or Nature through the Brown Library.

D. Verschuren reviews studies of the effects of global warming on Lake Tanganyika
E. Brook reviews a new ice core study spanning the past 600,000 years
R. Cess reviews a study examining the water vapor feedbacks in climate models

I hope you find these helpful!

By request, I will put powerpoint presentations here.

6 April Snowball

18 April Millennial-scale climate change

20 April Human Evolution