GEO 2920K - The Hydrological Cycle of Mars

W 3:00-5:20 • Spring, 2011 • Lincoln Field 105


Final Papers



Jim Head, Jack Mustard and Caleb Fassett


Evidence for the changing hydrological cycle on Mars, ranging from what appears to be an early warm and wet Mars, through history to the present very cold polar desert Antarctic-like environment will be examined. The aim of the course will be to understand the modern and ancient water cycles on Mars with the particular focus on how liquid water has shaped the surface we see on Mars. Individual topics that will be discussed include observations of the Mars fluvial record, erosion/sedimentation, weathering, sediment production, and sediment transport. We will also discuss connections with the cratering record and landform evolution. The ultimate goal is to tie these observations of the hydrological cycle with models for how the climate has changed over time. The geologic and mineralogic records will be examined in parallel to assess the evidence for water's presence, abundance, state, and activity.


Course Outline and ReadingsClass Notes