Whitney M. Behr, Ph.D.




Dept. of Geological Sciences

Brown University

324 Brook St.

Providence, RI, 02906


About Me

I am a structural geologist currently doing a post-doc at Brown University.  My research focuses on the mechanics and kinematics of continental deformation at plate boundaries and spans a wide range of spatial and temporal scales— I examine the geomorphic expression of young, active faults, and I study older remnants of deep-seated ductile shear zones exhumed from greater depth within the lithosphere. I apply an equally wide range of field, structural, and analytical methods. I am generally considered a jack-of-all-trades, as my passion for Earth Science has led me in many different directions.  Feel free to check out my research pages for more info!


  1. February, 2012: Manuscript on the kinematic and thermal evolution of a Mediterranean subduction complex submitted to Tectonics.