Areas of Intense Interest

I don't do active research on those areas, but I will read their research articles for fun. In particular, I have an enormous drive for perusing the articles of some of these areas (for a variety of reasons). The common theme among many of my interests is that I'm interested in the highly-generalizable. Most people are only used to collecting statistics from the past 50 years or so, and this leads them to underestimate the effects of very long-term "Black Swan" events such as shocks.

  • Environmental Health Sciences (especially Toxicology)
  • Biology of Aging (my interest in this is making me more interested in Comparative Physiology), and in particular, the effects of aging on cognition
  • Evolution of Intelligence (or Evolutionary Neuroscience)
  • Comparative (or highly-generalizable) Cognitive Science (in particular, Animal Cognition, Abnormal Psychology, and Psychopharmacology)
  • Long-Term Galactic Evolution (which ties in with my interest in long-term habitability)
  • Disruptive Technology
  • Very Long-Term Data Archival and Integrity (we need to archive as much as we can, since old records can be extremely useful for predicting events that happen at very low frequencies - just look at how the historical records have been so useful for modelling the Great Solar Storm of 1859, the color of Betelgeuse many centuries ago, and many other things)