The Towuti Drilling Project will begin field operations in April, 2015. Check back for developments. If you want to see some of the work in developing a lake drilling project, read the blog.

For anyone headed to the AGU fall meeting, check out 4 presentations on Lake Towuti: PP33E-03 by Jim Russell (Wed., 2:10, MW 2010), PP41E-05 by Bronwen Konecky (Thurs, 9:00 AM, MW 2008), PP31A-1108 by Hendrik Vogel (Wed, 8-12, MW posters), and PP43A-1106 by Satrio Wicaksono (Thursday, 1:40-6, MW posters)

Central Indonesian hydroclimate during the past 60,000 years. Check out our new paper in PNAS, which documents hydrologic change in the Lake Towuti region over the past 60,000 years and its links to high latitude climates. Click here for the article.

Changes in lake mixing and hydrological connections. A new paper by Kassandra Costa evaluates major and trace element geochemical data from Lake Towuti, and finds large changes in lake mixing but limited change in the connections between Towuti and Matano during the last glacial period. These are important for the evolution of these lakes' endemic organisms.