The Terrestrial Paleoenvironments group at Brown investigates signals in lake sediments to reconstruct global climate and environmental change. These include seasonal to orbitally-driven climate changes, annual- to millennial-scale climate variability, and massive environmental perturbations in the geologic record. We pursue an integrative approach that stresses understanding the geology, chemisty, physics, and biology of modern lake systems, and applying this knowledge to interpreting paleodata from lacustrine sediments and sedimentary rocks. We employ a huge array of analytical techniques including organic and inorganic geochemical methods, sedimentology, stable isotopes, and microfossils. Members of the terrestrial paleoenvironments group are investigating lakes and lake basins in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Indonesia.



    Terrestrial Paleoclimatology
           Millennial-scale climate variability
           Monsoon variability
           ENSO history and Dynamics
           High-frequency changes in continental hydrology and temperature
           North American paleoclimatology
           Tropical mountain climates and glaciers dynamics         

     Terrestrial Paleoenvironments and Ecosystem Dynamics           
           Orbital forcing of climate and ecosystems
           North American vegetation dynamics

     Modern Environmental Processes
           Stable isotope hydrology

Yongsong Huang
      Jim Russell
      Jessica Whiteside