Paige Newby

Paige Newby

Staff - Senior Research Assistant
Degree: MA in Environmental Studies, Brown University, 1992
BA in Anthropology, Brown University, 1982

Role: Paige is in charge of the pollen laboratory and its integration into the studies, research and fieldwork of students at Brown.   

Interests: Paige combines anthropology and the sciences to reconstruct past environments and how humans lived within them.  It is no surprise that she is a palynologist with an archaeological slant.  Early training at Sheffield University with Colin Renfrew and continued archaeological work at Brown and the Peasbody Museum of Andover, Massachusetts, where Paige is a Research Associate, has led to a sustained interest in regional prehistory. Her work characterizing past environments in southern New England's environments over the past 12,000 years is ongoing.  An expanded understanding of the prehistoric use of coastal environments in southern New England was explored in the multidisciplinary 500 Boylston project, Boston, Massachusetts.  Research that explores changing conditions during the early Holocene, with implications for the early Archaic archaeological record (10,500 to 9000 cal. yr. B.P.), is examined in a study from the Makepeace Cedar and Pequot Cedar Swamps in southern New England.


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