Meredith Hastings uses global atmospheric chemistry modeling and stable isotopic measurements of nitrate in aerosols, rain, snow, ice and ice cores, to study the nitrogen cycle today and in the past.

Tim Herbert focuses on Milankovitch cyclicity, primarily in pre-Pleistocene age sediments, and sea-surface temperatures via the organic proxy Uk37.

Yongsong Huang brings new capabilities for studies of lake and marine sediments in terms of isotopic measurements of organic substances.

Warren Prell (Doherty Professor of Oceanography and chief scientist for five research cruises to the Arabian Sea) uses deep-sea sediments to reconstruct and interpret the evolution of Neogene oceans and climates.

Jim Russell uses late Neogene lake sediments to investigate millennial to decadal-scale climate changes, focusing on tropical Africa and Indonesia.

Jessica Whiteside investigates the effects of biological evolution and externally-driven environmental change on ecosystem evolution using Phanerozoic lacustrine sedimentary rocks.

Steve Clemens research focuses on Milankovitch to centennial-scale climate change within the Neogene, with an emphasis on the Indian and Asian monsoon regions.

Adjunct and Emeritus

The ESH group includes 2 Adjunct Faculty. Jeff Donnelly (Assistant Adjunct Professor) brings expertise in coastal sedimentation, paleo-hurricane history, and late glacial-Holocene climate change to the ESH group. Mark Altabet (Adjunct Professor) is an expert in the marine nitrogen cycle, both past and present

Prof. Emeritus Tom Webb investigates late Quaternary Environments using fossil pollen and lake level data to map major vegetational and climatic changes in North America during the last 21,000 years.

Research, Technical, and Administrative Staff

David Murray
Philip Howell
April Martin
Joseph Orchardo
Marcelo Alexandre
Dana MacDonald
Lisa Sheehan