ESH Graduate Students

Rocio Caballero

Caitlin Chazen
High-resolution paleoceanography of the Peru margin

Li Gao
Organic geochemical applications to paleolimnology and paleoclimate
Bronwen Konecky
Shannon Loomis
Jon Nichols
Compound-specific paleohydrologic reconstructions from North American Peat Bogs: Proxy development and application
Emily Pohlman
A novel tool for reconstructing the isotopic evolution of the oceans: hydrogen isotopes of individual alkenones
Paige Newby
Late Pleistocene and early Holocene vegetation and paleoenvironments of lower New England
Jessica Rodysill
Jeffrey Salacup
Susie Theroux
DNA phylogenetics of alkenone-producing haptophytes in lakes
Jessica Tierney
Multiproxy reconstructions of decade to millennial-scale variability in the African monsoon during the past 60,000 years BP.
Jaime Toney
Western US drought and temperature during the Holocene: insights from isotopic and lacustrine alkenone reconstructions

Alumni of the ESH group at Brown

William D'Andrea, 2008
High-resolution records of Holocene temperature, rainfall, and the North Atlantic Oscillation from lacustrine alkenone in western Greenland.

Laura Cleaveland, 2008
Evolution of tropical sea surface temperature over the past 3 Ma.

Juzhi Hou, 2008
Calibration of hydrogen isotope ratios of aquatic and terrestrial biomarkers, and isotopic reconstruction of Late Pleistocene climate in New England.

Kira Lawrence, 2005 Lafayette University
A latitudinal perspective on Plio-Pleistocene marine evolution.

Lorraine Lisiecki, 2005 Boston University
Paleoclimate time series: new alignment and compositing techniques, a 5.3 Myr benthic d18O stack, and analysis of Pliocene-Pleistocene climate transitions.

Zhonghui Liu, 2004. Yale University
Pleistocene climate evolution in the Eastern Pacific and implications for the orbital theory of climate change.

Victor Zabielski 2001 University of Minnesota
Characteristics and Influences of Modern Arabian Sea Intermediate Water, and Changes During the Last Glacial Maximum

Vicki S. McKenna 2000 University of Michigan
Globoquadrina truncatulinoidesas an Indicator of Change in the Permanent Thermocline in the Glacial Indian Ocean

Melissa A. Trend Staid 1999 Princeton
Sea-Surface Temperature and Near-Surface Hydrology at the Last Glacial Maximum: A Reconstruction using the Modern Analog Technique

Jeffry S. Oslick 1998 Foster Wheeler Environmental Corporation
Reconstructing Hydrographic Gradients and the Carbon Isotopic Composition of Surface Waters using Multiple Species of Planktonic Foraminifera

Min-Te Chen 1994
Late Quaternary Paleoceanogrphy of the Equatorial Indo-Pacific: A Quantitative Analysis Based on Marine Micropaleontological Data

Jiajie Chen
Benthic Foraminiferal Isotope Composition: Implications for late Neogene-Quaternary Paleoceanography of the Indian Ocean

Lisa Dubois 1993 San Diego State
Glacial-Holocene Carbonate Preservation History from Equatorial Atlantic Sediment Cores: Paleoceanographic Implications

William Howard 1992 Cooperative Research Centre for the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Environment, University of Tasmania,
Late Quaternary paleoceanography of the southern ocean

John W. Farrell 1991 Joint Oceanographic, Incorporated
Late Neogene Paleoceanography of the Central Equatorial Pacific: Evidence from Carbonate Preservation and Stable Isotopes

David M. Anderson 1991 NOAA Paleoclimatology Program, Boulder, CO
Foraminifer Evidence of Monsoon Upwelling off Oman During the Late Quaternary

Steven C. Clemens 1990 Brown University
Quaternary Variability of Indian Ocean Monsoon Winds and Climate