Geologic deposits in the world's lakes and oceans preserve unique records of past climate and ecosystem conditions. We pursue integrative approaches to investigating sedimentary deposits, including studies of modern environmental processes, the development of new techniques for decoding paleoenvironmental signals in lake and ocean sediments, and the generation and interpretation of new paleoclimate and paleoenvironmental datasets from key terrestrial and marine archives.

           Orbital Forcing of Climate
           Sea and Lake Surface Temperatures                                       
           Millennial-scale Climate Variability
           Monsoon Variability and Evolution
           ENSO History and Dynamics
           High-frequency Climate Dynamics
           Tropical mountain climates and glacier dynamics

     Paleoenvironments and Ecosystem Dynamics           
           Continental Ecosystem Dynamics
           North American vegetation history
           Mesozoic and Cenozoic Oceans

     Modern Processes
           Molecular Isotopic Proxy Development
           Estuarine and Environmental Processes and the
           Modern and Paleoecology of Plankton