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nighttime surveys of Narragansett Bay dissolved oxygen daytime surveys of Narragansett Bay dissolved oxygen


Web site design and development was done by Philip Howell and Charles Williamson, with help from Novem Auyeung, Emily Saarman, and David Murray, Brown University. Thanks to the artistic talents of Lorissa Korhun for the Insomniacs logo and Anthony DiDomenico for the Day Trippers logo. Additional software programming was done by Philip Howell, Brown University. The survey data were compiled, evaluated, and corrected by Emily Saarman with help from David Murray, Larissa Korhun and Philip Howell, Brown University. Partial funding for data processing was provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through the Coastal Institute of the University of Rhode Island administered by Peter August under cooperative agreement CP-98195401.

Funds for some of the equipment used for these studies were provided through a grant to the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and funds for coordination were provided by the Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (NBEP).

We are grateful to Deanna Bergondo, URI, for generously allowing us to use the time series buoy data that she collected and processed.

We are grateful for GIS help from Lynn Carlson, Brown University.

The outline of the Bay used on the maps was provided courtesy of the RIGIS database (

Our surveys have been dedicated to two of our close colleagues, Dr. Mark Gould of Roger Williams University and Dr. Dana Kester of the University of Rhode Island (URI), both of whom sadly passed away during these studies.

We gratefully acknowledge the support and donations of YSI equipment and boats from:

  • New England Environmental Equipment Inc. (NE3) and Endeco/YSI Inc; Derek Koloski
  • USEPA AED and New England Regional Labs
  • RIDEM Fish and Wildlife and Division of Water Resources>
  • URI; Candace Oviatt, Stan Cobb, Chris Kincaid, Dana Kester and RI Sea Grant
  • Brown University; Warren Prell
  • Save The Bay, Inc.
  • Roger Williams University; Tim Scott
  • Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management (MACZM); Christian Krahforst
  • Harvard School of Public Health; James Shine

    We are indebted to all the volunteers and organizations who donated time and use of boats, and who were involved in these oxygen surveys. The following is an incomplete list of members of the “Insomniacs”, a Narragansett Bay volunteer evening dissolved oxygen monitoring program (1999-2003, Narragansett Bay Estuary Program):

  • Brown University (BRN): Warren Prell, David Murray, Emily Saarman, Larissa Korhun, Don Pryor, Andrew Altieri, Steve Clemens, John LaRiviere , Joseph Orchardo, Justin Bandy, Patti Caton, David Drew, Nick Garrity, Tim Herbert, Yongsong Huang, Kira Lawrence, Allison Rogers, William Sheffler, Andrew Stein,and Zhen Zhou
  • Harvard School of Public Health (HRV): James Shine and crew
  • Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management (CZM): Christian Krahforst, Jason Burtner, Todd Callaghan, Bob Gass, and Paul Somerville
  • Narragansett Bay Commission (NBC): Ali Armstrong, Taylor Ellis, Jan Szelag, Bob Bohler, and Sharon Pavignano
  • Narragansett Bay Estuary Program (NBEP): Chris Deacutis, Diane Ferland, Nicole Thomson, and Richard Ribb
  • NBNERR: Susan Adamowicz, Al Beck, Tom Kutcher, Ken Raposa, and Patty Richardson
  • RICRMC: Megan Higgins
  • RI Department of Environmental Management (DEM): Chris Deacutis, Brian Dolan, Ed Everich, Dennis Erkan, Rich Horowicz, Najih Lazar, Joe Migliore, Scott Olszewski, and Bob Richardson
  • Roger Williams University (RWU): Brad Bourque, Stephen O’Shea, Skip Pomeroy, Tim Scott, Andrew Tate, Paul Webb, Rebecca Bonaiuto, Scott Dickinson, Ron Fortunadi, Carma Gilcrist, Steven Hira, Frank Holland, Morgan Hutchinson, Sarah Jones, Ryan Joyce, Mike Lombardi, Fiona McGraw, Jamie Minella, Adam Olson, Randy Petrencho, Randy Pichico, Ashley Smith, Derek Speigel, and Krystal Watkins
  • Save the Bay (STB): John Torgan, Topher Hamblett, and Andrew Lipsky
  • University of Rhode Island (URI): Brandi Bornt, Chris Calabretta, Catherine Colgan, Ames Colt, Tarquin Dorrington, Dana Kester, Chris Kincaid, Chris Melrose, Laura Reed, Mac Richardson, Art Spivack, Lee Steitz, David Taylor, Mike Traber, Christine Van Orsow, Linda Green, and Kim Whitman
  • US Environmental Protection Agency AED Lab: Donald Cobb, Michelle Kraczkowski, Charles Strobel, Russ Ahlgren, Kelly Byron, Marty Chintala, Mike Daly, Walt Galloway, Beth Hinchey, John Lake, Kellie Merrell, and Nora Sturgeon
  • US Environmental Protection Agency, New England Regional Lab: Tim Bridges, Tom Faber, Melissa Grable, Jerry Keefe, Randy Rice, and Ray Thompson
  • US Environmental Protection Agency, New England Region: Margherita Pryor
  • US Fish & Wildlife: Tom Halavik
  • WRNI Radio Station: Caroline Rodriquez
  • Yellow Springs Instruments (YSI): Roger Race and Derek Koloski

    Beginning in 2005, the summer neap tide daytime effort is coordinated by David Murray (Brown) and supported by the NOAA Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research, Coastal Hypoxia Research Program (CHRP), NOAA Awards NA05NOS4781201 and NA11NOS4780043 with additional equipment and personnel support from the NOAA Bay Window Project, NOAA Award NA05NMF4721253.

    Data processing was performed at Brown University by Monica Skeldon and Emily Washington for the 2005 & 2006 surveys, Jesse Farmer for the 2007 surveys, Alicia Barlow, Alex Chuman and Andrea Weber for the 2008 surveys, Monika Mostowy, Marie Siwicki, and David Murray for the 2009 surveys, Adalyn Naka, Lena Weiss, and David Murray for the 2010 surveys, Lena Weiss, Tim Rovinelli, and David Murray for the 2011 surveys, and Lena Weiss, Kevin Rogers and David Murray for the 2012 surveys. Mary Lesbirel determined the correction factors for chlorophyll concentrations measured by each sonde.

    Software programming and web site design by Phil Howell (Brown).

  • Brown: David Murray, Joseph Orchardo, Warren Prell, Steven Clemens, Jesse Farmer, David Koweek, Elise Pamentier, Alicia Barlow, Alex Chuman, Andrea Weber, Monika Mostowy, Marie Siwicki, Samuel Woolford, Mary Lesbirel, Adalyn Naka, Lena Weiss, Luke Rohde, Dan Lowry, Sara Clemens, Jessica Rodysill, Devon Cupery, Bart Johnsen-Harris, Kerri Krawczyk (GK-12 Research Fellow), Tim Rovinelli, Michael Raposo, Kevin Rogers, Katey Lesneski, Bridgette Black.
  • NBEP: Chris Deacutis, Lesley Lambert, Jessica Morgan, Tim Delp, Richard Ribb
  • RIDEM: Ken Benson, Laura Parent, Don DeBerardino, Justin Monteiro, Linnae Rondeau, Taylor Crockford
  • RWU: Allison Hall
  • STB: John Torgan, Tom Kutcher, Rachel Calabro
  • The Nature Conservancy (TNC): John Torgan
  • USDA: Andrew Lipsky
  • URI: Heather Stoffel, Edwin Requintina, Leslie Smith, Rebecca Sacks