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Directions to the Data Center

The Data Center can be a bit difficult to locate, because it does not border a public street. If you use the above map and google from your location to this address, you will arrive in front of St. Stephen's church on George Street. If you walk down the driveway to the right of the church you will find Lincoln Field Building directly behind. Walk around the building to the front door. The Data Center is in room 216 on the 2nd floor.

Be aware that parking is very limited in this area. After 12:00pm weekdays you may locate some spaces on George Street, where 2-hour parking is allowed. During working hours you will probably have to park several blocks away. Paid parking is available at a Brown lot at the corner of Thayer and Power Street a few blocks south of the Data Center, and long-term visitor parking can also be arranged by calling the Parking Office at 401-863-3157.