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Habitable Worlds? Searching for Life in our Solar System and Beyond at the Museum of Natural History and Cormack Planetarium in Roger Williams Park, Providence RI.

Does life exist anywhere else in our Solar System or galaxy? Discover some of the extreme places where life lives on Earth, explore other places where life might exist in our solar system and study the planets being discovered around other stars. Could one of the newly discovered exoplanets be habitable?

Exhibit contributors and sponsors: Brown/NASA Northeast Planetary Data Center and the NASA/RI Space Grant Consortium. Special thanks to Michael Lye, NASA Coordinator & Adjunct Faculty/Senior Critic, and his spring 2016 Design for Extreme Environments students at Rhode Island School of Design for the Mars Ascent Vehicle full-scale, mock-up exhibited; and Dillon Connelly, Joshua Frechette and Eric Firth for their contributions to creating the multimedia displays