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The Planetary Data Center is designed to serve researchers, students, and educators in the northeast who are studying planetary geology. Its extensive reference collection of image products, data, and supporting materials can be used in conjunction with available computers within the Center.  While not a distribution point, the Center can provide limited products on request.   The Data Center Manager can assist in identifying image products and resources not available at this Center that may, however, be accessible through the international network of Regional Planetary Image Facilities.  The Center Director can further provide additional background or insights.   The goal is not to undertake research for visitors but to provide resources for their efforts. 

Educators and students may also make use of the facility for projects.  The Data Center, however, is primarily a research reference collection.  Educational materials may be obtained from the national network of Educator Resource Centers or through the office of Rhode Island Space Grant.

The Planetary Data Center also houses or can access materials from the dawn of the space age to today.   These materials include books, documents, and donated materials such as the Bevan French library and correspondence.

Aeolian features on the surface of Mars from HIRISE