Center For Experimental Geosciences

Located in the depths of the Geological Sciences Department at Brown University, the Center for Experimental Geosciences is one of the largest high-pressure experimental groups in the world. The CEG is headed by 5 faculty covering both the chemical and physical properties of geomaterials at high pressures. Experimental facilities include an array of rock deformation and static pressure devices that attain up to 20 GPa pressure. Here, experiments are used in combination with field, analytical, and numerical approaches to understand the chemical and physical evolution of planets.

Major research themes include:

1) Chemical heterogeneity of the Earth's mantle

2) Deformation assocated with plate tectonics

3) Origin and evolution of the Moon

4) Origin and mechanics of earthquakes

5) Deep volatile cycles of the Earth

Feel free to contact any one of the several faculty or students working in the lab about opportunities for research, study, or to find out more about what's currently being done.