Experimental Petrology Lab | GC 010

above: "Big George" Multianvil device | below: "Bertha" Internally Heated Pressure Vessel

The Experimental Petrology Lab at Brown University is home to 1 atm deltech furnaces, an Externally Heated Pressure Vessel or TZM (< 2kbar, < 1200°C), a Harwood Interally Heated Pressure Vessel (< 3kbar, < 1500°C), and an 1100 ton Rockland Research press with a Walker-style octahedral multianvil (10-20 GPa, < 2000°C).

The Experimental Petrology Lab at Brown University provides users with a unique opportunity to investigate igneous and magmatic processes at surface, crustal, and mantle-like pressures and temperatures. Studies range from noble gas geochemisty to volatile solubitilies in melts to planetary volcanic and magmatic activity.

For more information about some of the work coming out of the Experimental Petrology Lab, check out Steve Parman's Research Group.

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