Piston Cylinder Lab | GC 004

Piston Cylinders can be used to simulate pressures (up to 4GPa) and temperatures (up to 2000°C) that exist in the Earth’s lower crust and upper mantle. Here, studies of phase equilibria, rheology, mineral synthesis, and igneous and metamorphic petrology are carried out.

The Piston Cylinder Lab contains three Rockland piston-cylinder presses, all end-loaded with 19.1mm piston bores, compatible with ¾ inch and ½ inch assemblies. We use NaCl and BaCO3 pressure media with electrically-controlled, straight graphite furnaces. Temperatures are monitored using Tungsten-Rhenium D-type thermocouples for all three apparatus.

For more information on some of the research being done in the Piston Cylinder Lab, check out Liang's Research Group.

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