Rock Deformation Lab | GC 012

above: Griggs Rig apparati | below: Terry Tullis and the high-speed rotary shear aparatus

The Rock Deformation Lab houses 3 Grigg's Rig rotary shear, solid-pressure medium devices as well as a high-speed (cm/s) rotary shear rock deformation apparatus. With pressures up to 2 GPa and temperatures up to 1200°C, the rheology of rocks and minerals found within the lower crust and upper mantle can be investigated.

The Rock Deformation Lab is primarily focused on terrestrial applications (earthquakes, faulting, etc.), but recently also extended its reach to the Moon. Here, investigations of minerals under various pressures, stresses, and temperatures help us to better understand the behavior and response of rocks within a dynamic planet.

For more information on some of the research being done in the Rock Deformation Lab, check out Greg Hirth's Research Group.

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