The CEG Team

Stationed within one of the top PhD programs in the nation and world, the Center For Experimental Geosciences is headed by our nationally and internationally renowned faculty. With the support of over ## faculty, staff, PostDocs, graduate, and undergraduate students the CFEG is home to one of the largest experimental centers of its kind.

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--Faculty & Staff--

--Post Docs--

--Graduate Students--



Faculty & Staff

Reid Cooper

Greg Hirth

Yan Liang

Stephen Parman

Alberto Saal

David Goldsby

Paul Hess

Malcolm Rutherford

Jan Tullis

Terry Tullis

* Denotes Professor Emeritus

Joseph Boesenberg
EMP Technician

Gloria Correra
Admin. Asst./Events

Thomas Kiefer
Machinist/Tech. Officer

Lisa Sheehan
Admin. Asst./Finance

Soumen Mallick
Res. Scientist/ICPMS



Post Docs

Geertje Ganskow
- Mantle petrology and rheology are the main aspects of my research. I study the water budget of planetary mantles, the rheological behavior of mantle minerals, and the petrogenesis of komatiites.




Eric Goergen
- My current interests lie in using experimental techniques to investigate strain weakening and localization phenomena related to the interaction of chemical and physical processes at multiple scales.






Justin Hustoft
- I study the rheology of partially molten rocks and the relationships between fluid fraction and mechanical strength.






For more information about PostDoc opportunities/availabilities, please contact:



Graduate Students

Jamie Beaulieu
- I'm interested in further developing our understanding of melt migration in the mantle through differential stress experiments conducted using varying mantle compositions and modeling of the same.
Tess Caswell
- More Info Goes Here.
Leah Cheek
- Anorthosite on the Moon.

Nick Dygert
- I'm interested in mantle melt migration processes, the composition, rheology, and evolution of the crust and mantle, impact cratering, and lunar geology.
Amanda Getsinger
- I'm interested in how the mechanical behavior of mafic lithologies affects the rheology of the lower continental crust. In particular, I study how rock type, fluid abundance, and grain size promote strain localization in the ductile regime.

Colin Jackson
- I'm researching the behavior of noble gases at mantle conditions with the application to understanding the nature of the high 3He/4He sources and general mantle evolution.
Takamasa Kanaya
- Info Goes Here.
Hillary O'Brien
- Manlte of Mercury.

Mary Peterson
- Ghost Plagioclase.
Tabb Prissel
- I'm interested in ancient lunar volcanism and magmatic processes. Presently, I'm researching the petrogenesis of a new lunar rock type that may have formed via melt-rock reactions on the Moon.

Brooks Proctor
- More Info Goes Here.
Kei Shimizu
- My research interest is the evolution of Earth, Moon, and Mars, in particular the mantle. My current project is to characterize the volatile content in the EPR mantle and to understand its implications to the orgin of mantle heterogeneity.
Chenguang Sun
- I'm interested in mantle melting and melt migration through high pressure and high temperature experiments, field geology, and numerical models.

Diane Wetzel
- I am interested in the role of carbon and volatiles (H2O, F, Cl, S) in lunar picritic melts.
Lijing Yao
- I'm studying mantle melting and mantle heterogeneity through modeling and piston-cylinder experiments. I am also interested in lunar magma migration processes.




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