Parman Group

Current Projects

1) Noble gas constraints on the evolution of the Earth

    - Comprehensive measurement of noble gas solubility in mantle minerals.

    - Measurement of high solubility in ring-structured minerals.

    - Has implications for the evolution and structure of the mantle and atmosphere.

2) Growth of the continental crust.

    - Linking crustal growth record with isotopic composition of the mantle.

    - Statistical analysis of zircon age record.

    - Provides support for a punctuated thermal and chemical evolution of the Earth.

3) Atom probe tomography

    - New analytical method has atomic-scale spatial resolution with ppm level detection limits.

    - Atomic planes in natural samples have been imaged.

4) Magma transport and melt-crust interaction on the Moon.

    - Mg-Al spinel on Moon produced by migration of Mg-suite parent magmas through the lunar crust.

    - Implies Mg-suite melts pervasive on the Moon with consequences for the thermal and chemical evolution of the early Moon.

5) Origin and evolution of Mercury from Messenger data.

    - High S and low Fe of Mercury crust implies low ƒO2.

    - Variation of surface compositions may imply secular evolution of ƒO2 in Mercury mantle.

6) Thermal evolution of the mantle as recorded by komatiites and other Archean mafic magmas.

    - Moderate to high H2O contents in some MgO-rich komatiites.

    - Implication that Archean mantle was less hot (100oC) than previously estimated.

    - Origin of major and trace element composition of komatiites.

7) Volatile contents of Azores magmas.

    - Analysis of melt inclusions in central Azores tephras.

    - Reveals high volatile contents in Azores plume, particularly high F.

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