Parman Group

Prof. Parman's research focuses on the large scale evolution of planetary interiors and magmatic systems. The experimental lab has both gas-pressure and solid-pressure media devices and can achieve conditions up to 20 GPa and 2000°C.

Liang Group

Prof. Liang's research focuses on the kinetics of igneous processes, using both experimental and numerical methods. The Liang lab has 3 piston-cylinder devices with pressure capabilities up to 3 GPa.

Cooper Group

Prof. Cooper's research straddles the boundaries between rock mechanics and geochemistry. The Cooper lab contains a number of deformation devices, including a Patterson apparatus.

Hirth Group

Prof. Hirth's research focuses on the physical properties of geomaterials using a combination of experimental and field approaches. The Hirth lab has 3 Grigg's rig apparati for deformation experiments.

Tullis Group

Prof. Tullis's research focuses on the mechanics of earthquakes using a combination of experiments and numerical models.