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  Ocean Modeling and Theory

Baylor Fox-Kemper
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from global to universal

We study the physics of the ocean and how the ocean fits into the Earth's climate system, using models that range from the global scale to focused process models that apply universally. We seek mathematically interesting problems with practical uses.

The products we produce are parameterizations, diagnostics, and toy models. That is, after study of complex processes in dedicated and computationally expensive models, we work out simple but accurate approximations and crucial measurements to diagnose. Sometimes the goal is to improve the community models, and sometimes the goal is to aid understanding with a toy model that mimics the complex system.

Our current research projects, publications, and curricula vitae are regularly updated to reflect recent work, including preprints and materials presented at conferences.

Baylor also teaches classes in the Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences and is a fellow of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society (IBES) and participates in the Fluids at Brown and SciToons programs. Baylor is a coordinating lead author of the Ocean, Cryosphere, and Sea Level Change chapter of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report. Baylor is an editor of Dynamics and Statistics of the Climate System: An Interdisciplinary Journal and the Journal of Physical Oceanography. Baylor has taught at some summer schools (JPL and WHOI GFD). Baylor used to teach at the University of Colorado and CIRES. Here are examples of a lecture given by Baylor and a research talk. The maintenance and design of this website is inspired by this template.

Baylor Fox-Kemper

Credit: Carl Sagan (Audio, Text) and Gavin Aung Than of Zen Pencils (Images).