First Proceedings of ATOC 5051

Introduction to Physical Oceanography, 2007

Notions for the Motions of the Oceans, Volume 1

Issue 1: Ready to Roll

Issue 2: What Do You Mean Mean?

Issue 3: It's Getting Hot in Here

Issue 4: Round and Round

Issue 5: Rivers in the Sea

Issue 6: Geostrophy and Thermal Wind

Issue 7: Aloha! Waves

Important Note from the Editor/Instructor: These papers represent the best efforts of the students of ATOC 5051 to assimilate and use the information they were learning on the fly. These papers were written under very tight time constraints, and little revision or room for perfecting was allowed. Thus, while these papers were selected for content that is generally excellent, the reader encouraged to look at these papers as works in progress and disregard typographical or other minor errors. These papers have all been peer-reviewed by the class, but in many cases no revisions were made after the review due to time constraints.

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