ATOC5051, Fall 2008

Intro to Physical Oceanography, or Notions for the Motions of the Oceans

Reading Assignment 2

This reading assignment introduces the equations of conservation and motion for the ocean.

  1. Geoff Vallis's Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics Chapter 1.
  2. Emery, Talley, and Pickard's Descriptive Physical Oceanography, 7th ed. Chapter 5.

The reading quiz is due by 11AM (class time) on 9/09. It can be accessed through CULearn.

Optional additional reading may be useful for the assignment:

  1. Joe Pedlosky's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Chapters 1, 2.
  2. Adrian Gill's Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics, Chapter 1, 2, and 3.