ATOC 6020, Fall 2010

ATOC 6020: Oceanography Seminar
Or, The Ocean Left Colorado 60 Million Years Ago, but Oceanography Didn't!
This is a weekly seminar covering topics in oceanography and ocean-focused climate science. Presentations will feature campus and Boulder scientists on notable developments in ocean science. University of Colorado graduate students can enroll in the ATOC 6020 seminar for 1 credit per semester.

Participation is not limited to enrolled students. All interested students (graduate and undergraduate), faculty, researchers, Boulder-area oceanographers, visitors, and alumni are encouraged to attend and present.

You can access the syllabus, class notes and calendar, and reading.

Class Meetings and Notes

All meetings will be in Duane E126 at 4PM on Mondays, unless noted

Registered students are required to submit a writeup of each talk to me by Friday at 7PM on CULearn. The writeups should include 4 sections: summary, strengths, weaknesses, and brainstorming.

In CULearn you can also view other students' writeups and post comments to a discussion board.

The calendar of talks is below; it is also available as a public google calendar called "ATOC6020: Oceanography Seminar".

Week Speaker Links & Presentation Slides Reading & Writeup
1 8/23: Organizational Meeting Syllabus
2 8/30: Baylor Fox-Kemper Scientific Lessons from Deepwater Horizon Writeup 1 Due 9/10
3 9/7: Labor Day No Class
4 9/13: No Seminar No Class
5 9/20: Bill Lewis, CU-CIRES Global Primary Production of Lakes Writeup 2 Due 9/24
6 9/27: John Fasullo, NCAR Tracking Earth's Energy Writeup 3 Due 10/1
7 10/4: Amy Wagner, NOAA Paleoclimate 8.2 ka Abrupt Climate Change Writeup 4 Due 10/8
8 10/11: Steve Nerem, CU, CCAR Sea Level Observations Writeup 5 Due 10/15
9 10/18: Colm Sweeney, CIRES-NOAA What does 14C of CO2 tell us about the change in the Southern Ocean carbon sink? Writeup 6 Due 10/22
10 10/25: Jim McWilliams, UCLA Estimating Eddy Buoyancy Fluxes in Eastern-Boundary Upwelling Systems Writeup 7 Due 10/29
11 11/1: Dan Jones, CSU The Response of the Southern Ocean to Changing Atmospheric Winds Writeup 8 Due 11/6
12 11/8: Anne Willem Omta, MIT A simple theory for ocean carbonate chemistry Writeup 9 Due 11/12
13 11/15: Matthew Long, NCAR Mechanisms generating spatial variability in Ross Sea biogeochemical fields Writeup 10 Due 11/19
14 11/22: Fall Break Fall Break Fall Break
15 11/29: James Syvitski, CU Understudied Problems in Oceanography --- a Seafloor Perspective Writeup 11 Due 12/3
16 12/6: AGU Practice Talks
M. Brakebusch, T. Jones
No Writeup
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