Figure: IPCC AR4

ATOC 6020, Spring 2011

Teaching Climate

This graduate seminar will be a hands-on teaching seminar in support of my ATOC1060 section. I'm teaching ATOC1060 (Our Changing Climate) for the first time Spring 2011 (see below), and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of the insider scoop on teaching with ATOC students. This ATOC6020 seminar will be a weekly meeting, where we discuss upcoming topics in the 1060 class, compare perspectives on what are the most important concepts and learning goals, discuss relevant perspectives, and consider how best to present the information. I'll also get some of the Teaching Climate Change experts to come by and discuss their approach and experiences.

I'd like the students who participate to help create some of the homework problems and lecture slides, not (only) because I'm lazy, but also for good pedagogy.

ATOC 1060: Our Changing Environment: El Niño, Ozone, Climate
Discusses the Earth's climate for non-science majors, focusing on the role of the atmosphere, oceans, and land surface. Describes the water cycle, atmospheric circulations, and ocean currents, and how they influence global climate, El Niño, and the ozone hole. Discusses human impacts from climate change. Prereq., ATOC 1050. Approved for arts and sciences core curriculum: natural science. Elective for ATOC minor.

You can access the syllabus, 6020 class notes and calendar, and 1060 class notes and calendar.