GEOL1100, Spring 2013

Global Physical/Descriptive Oceanography, or Notions for the Motions of the Oceans

Reading Assignment 1: Weeks 1-2

This reading assignment focuses on observations, both old-fashioned and new. The readings are:

  1. Descriptive Physical Oceanography, 7th ed. Chapters 1-2, 6

Homework Assignment (Due 1/31/13)

  1. Get matlab running on a computer you plan to use.
  2. Do my matlab primer
  3. If you are very confused, do a better matlab tutorial
  4. Download this file:
  5. Open the file
  6. Make a plot that is somehow meaningful to you...
  7. Label the axes and write a caption (Do you know units? can you figure them out? Where/when was the data collected?, etc.) You may find the other files in the same directory helpful:
  8. Print and bring to class or email me a pdf of the labeled, captioned, figure.

Optional additional reading may be useful for the assignment:

  1. Siedler, Church & Gould's WOCE Volume, The Ocean: Circulation and Climate, Chapters 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 on observational methods.
  2. "3 Kinds of Lies" from 2010's class. username: atoc5051_10 password: Oshuns?Noshuns!
  3. "3 Kinds of Lies" from 2008's class. username: atoc5051_08 password: 2OshunNoshun?
  4. "Ready to Roll" and "What Do You Mean Mean?" from 2007's class. username: atoc5051_07 password: 4OshunNoshun! (Note: these were not revised papers, so they are first drafts.)