ATOC 5051: Intro. to Physical Oceanography

Paper #3: I Get Around

Download a wind stress dataset from ECCO, COADS, etc. There are some wind files that I have pre-processed here. These already have wind stress curl calculated, too.

They are derived from the:

  1. Grist & Josey climatology,
  2. The ECCO data-assimilating model iteration 199,
  3. The Hellerman & Rosenstein Climatology,
  4. The SCOW Climatology, and
  5. The NSCAT scatterometer data.

I have given you the wind stresses and wind stress curls. Calculate the Ekman transports and the Ekman Divergence. What features are revealed? How do datasets differ by month/year/across datasets?

In this assignment, you should also estimate a temperature, salt, chlorophyll, or volume budget. That is, you will take Ekman transport and observed gradients to figure out how to balance the incoming and outgoing sources into a region or into a volume. For the budgeting exercise, you may want to use the ECCO data assimilating datasets, available here.

You may want to check out this paper! and this paper!