Langmuir Circulations: Observing and Modeling on a Global Scale

(NASA ROSES08 Physical Oceanography Research Project NNX09AF38G)

PIs: Fox-Kemper, Chini, Julien, Knobloch.


Multiscale Modeling of the Coupling between Langmuir Turbulence and Submesoscale Variability in the Oceanic Mixed Layer

(NSF CMG09 Research Projects 0934827, 0934737, 0934580)

PIs: Chini, D'Asaro, Harcourt, Fox-Kemper, Julien

in collaboration with

Students: Stevens, Li, Webb, Zhang; Colleagues: Shcherbina, Large, Peacock, Sullivan


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Here is an image from showing Langmuir turbulence at work on the Gulf Oil Spill. Note the airplane for scale, and note how the vortices are perpendicular to the wave crests.

Many of us participated in convening a session at the 2010 Ocean Sciences meeting. (PO31B, PO33B, PO35E, PO35F). Thanks to our speakers and co-conveners!

Many of us participated in convening a session at the 2012 Ocean Sciences meeting.


NASA Proposal Goals
CMG Proposal Goals
NASA Project Goals
CMG Project Goals


Presentations and Meetings

Meeting in Woods Hole, June 18, 2012, WHOI Clark Lab Rm. 509
Presentations by each group. Collaboration and interactions. Timed to coincide with the ONR LatMix meeting.

2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Legends Meeting Room
Presentations by many group members and a session convened on upper ocean dynamics. Group meeting Wednesday evening.

2010 UCLA IPAM Meeting 3/2009
Presentation by Webb

Teleconference 3/29/2010: Notes

Presentations at 2010 AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting 2/2010
Presentations by D'Asaro, Stevens, Harcourt, Webb, Chini, Sullivan

1rst Annual Meeting, Reed College, Portland, OR 2/21/2010
Presentations by Fox-Kemper, D'Asaro, Stevens, Harcourt, Webb, Chini, Julien

2009 NCAR Ocean Model Working Group Meeting 12/2009
Presentation by Webb

2009 NCAR CCSM Workshop 6/16/2009
Presentation by Fox-Kemper

2009 Scripps PO/CASPO Seminar 1/6/2009
Presentation by Fox-Kemper

2008 APL ITOPs Meeting 12/2009
Presentation by Fox-Kemper


Data Exchange: Upload and Download.
Related Seed Projects IRP08, IGP09
Program Managers: Baris Uz (NSF), Eric Lindstrom (NASA)