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General Soil Water Links:

NRCS Irrigation - Handbooks and Manuals;
National Engineering Handbook Part 652 - Irrigation Guide (17 Chapt.)

Publication of the RI Water Resources Board

Lessons on irrigation practice from the USDA

Water runoff maps from the USGS for Southeast MA and RI:

Water use in the U.S.:

Hydrology; Level II: Introduction to Design Education and Certification for Persons Involved in Land Disturbing Activities; Issued October 2005. PowerPoint on antecedent soil moisture and runoff:

The outreach portions of many state land-grant institutions suggest that the state farmers should use soil moisture sensing devices to determine the best irrigation schedule, for example South Dakota:
and Colorado

The most common method to determine soil moisture for farm producers in the East: Direct feel and appearance of the soil
- suggested for use in RI at

Peter H. Gleick Article from Scientific American: “Making Every Drop Count”.


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